Join YMCAs Nationwide Offering Off-Course Beginner Golf for Kids

Expand your programming by becoming one of our many YMCA partners offering a new and unique youth sports experience: turnkey beginner golf — no golf course required!

Turnkey Beginner Golf Experiences: No Course, No Stress.

The Payne Stewart Kids Golf Foundation partners with YMCAs around the country to host beginner golf experiences uniquely designed to take place away from the golf course, in open spaces like your existing ball fields or gymnasiums, making them a seamless addition to your programming.

Specialized Learning Equipment

Our oversized clubs, balls and learning targets are uniquely designed to help children aged 3-9 learn the game more effectively and develop strong motor skills.

Game-Based Play Curriculum

Golf can be challenging for young kids, but we make learning fun. Our game-based play curriculum teaches the fundamentals and helps children find success early.

Teaching Kids Critical Life Skills

Our Faith-based camps and clinics teach character-building virtues in a fun and memorable way focused on developing healthy kids for life through the fun of golf.

Host a Payne Stewart Kids Golf Experience

We would love to come alongside you to bring this unique opportunity to children in your community.

You Get All This:

  • The best introductory golf experience for kids 3-9
  • 3-year, all-access pass to equipment, curriculum and training, including regular updates
  • Recognized Payne Stewart name known for his faith and love of family
  • Specialized, age-appropriate golf learning equipment
  • Multi-sport gear for various golf learning experiences
  • Proven training techniques and game-based golf learning skills and play activities
  • Curriculum that supports the four basic golf skills (putting, chipping, pitching, and full swing) and larger group format play activities.
  • Daily life-skills/virtues training (written by ReThink Group)
  • Marketing materials as needed
  • Live, online and on-demand training on how to host the experience

Costs and Responsibilities:

  • A three-year partnership
  • Commitment to host multiple experiences throughout the year
  • $3,000-per-year investment
  • Key contact for our team plus volunteers or staff to run the experience
  • A ball field, gymnasium or comparable open space
  • Connections and communication to families in your community
  • Sharing number of experiences/participants and photos/videos with our team

What Churches and Families are Saying

“My husband and I never thought our daughter would play golf. After seeing and hearing how much she loved the Payne Stewart Golf Camp we sent her to, she wants to play golf all of the time!”

Parent of Payne Stewart Golf Experience Participant

“We always want to provide beginner sports opportunities to our members and families. We never thought golf would be something we could do at our YMCA, but it has been a huge success for us!”

Jenny T.
YMCA Sports Director and Coach, Cookeville, TN

Expanding Access to Beginner Golf

Every child should have the opportunity to experience beginner golf — to learn valuable life skills, build relationships, and of course, have fun. Unfortunately, for many kids, golf isn’t an option, whether it’s the cost of equipment or the lack of access to a nearby course. We are committed to changing that.

The Payne Stewart Kids Golf Foundation is expanding access to beginner golf by connecting children from all backgrounds to affordable, off-course learning experiences right in their own communities. But we can’t do it without partners like you. Through these partnerships, we are able to reach even more families and children who may otherwise not get this opportunity.

We provide everything you need to teach the sport, but as an established part of the community, you are the key to making a real impact. We would love to partner with you!

Let’s Get Started

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Offer unique golf learning experiences to your community!

Expand your youth sports roster and give more kids the opportunity to experience all beginner golf has to offer.