Payne Stewart Kids Golf Foundation

Supporting Golf Learning Experiences For Kids Across The Country

Through partnerships with the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, PHIT America, and church scholarship programs, the Foundation supports 62% of American families and kids who cannot afford to participate in youth sports (specifically golf) and funds golf learning experiences for kids-in-need and complete inner-city programs.

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PHIT America

The Foundation brings the Payne Stewart Golf Experience into local communities away from the golf course (where parents start their kids in all other sports) now making golf a sporting option to families and kids who would never experience golf without our help.



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Partnered With 30 Churches Impacting 1045 Kids

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Partnered with Boys and Girls Club to be their exclusive kids golf learning program with five pilot locations.

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Received formal 501(c)3 approval in September, backdated to Aug of 2020

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Rebranded for expansion and moved to user-friendly registration and donation platfom


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90+ strategic partnership locations (churches, YMCA centers, the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, and Parks & Recreation-Skyhawks) confirmed for 2022 with expected numbers to grow monthly

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Expected impact: 20,000 kids reaching more minorities and girls than any golf learning program in 2022


We believe golf should be:

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That’s why we offset the cost associated with traditional golf by providing various scholarships to kids and parents who cannot afford it.

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That’s why we fund golf learning programs in the 62% of US communities that cannot afford youth sports programs (especially golf).

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Because golf can be hard for young kids, we continue to explore new ways to keep kids interested, engaged, and expending tons of energy!


This Year… 2022 – FUNDING GOAL: $500,000

The cost per location is $10,000 which includes all branded golf learning equipment, custom Payne Stewart Learning curriculum, training location staff, and BGCA staffing and administrative fees. We will sponsor 50 Locations in 2022.

In The Next Three Years…

As we approach the 25th anniversary of Payne Stewart’s US Open Championship at Pinehurst #2 in June 2024,
we are preparing to:

• Launch 100 new locations
• Invest in scholarship fund
• Fund future growth through Payne Stewart Learning Equipment

Achieving these goals will supporting our long-term BGCA goal of adding 50 new locations a year while maintaining the existing base.

Since many locations cannot afford the full cost of a camp and need scholarship funds to offer competitive reduced rates, scholarship funds will be provided for churches and YMCAs to bring overall camp and clinic costs in line with other sports in their local areas.

In The Next Five Years… By 2027

We are aiming to provide 1 million kids with the opportunity to experience the joy of golf!

Payne Stewart Kids Golf Ambassadors

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Committed to help PSKGF reach its funding goals!

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Why Help?

Golf is a storied and time-honored game that has been enjoyed by millions of people around the world. However, many children have never had the opportunity to play in a golf setting and have never had the chance to experience this wonderful sport. That’s all changing with the Payne Stewart Kids Golf Foundation capital campaign.

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Catching Kids Early

If we don’t get kids early enough, we lost them to soccer, baseball, flag football, or even video games. Do you remember the first time your picked up a golf club or played for the first time? The game had you at hello. It started a lifelong romance with the game of life. Now you have the chance to share that same feeling, that same emotion, with thousands of kids. With your donation, you can help a child find the same joy in learning golf that you did. Now that’s a great investment.




The Payne Stewart Kids Golf Foundation is a 501©(3) nonprofit focused on advancing the vision of the Payne Stewart Family Foundation and the Payne Stewart Golf Experiences. With help from local and national donors, we help kids from all backgrounds experience the joy of the Christian life and the fun of golf in more locations throughout the country.